upper extremity-凯发k8一触即发

upper extremity
for above-elbow amputees, ohand can be a better choice. if the user's residual limb conditions allow, targeted muscle reinnervation (tmr) surgery is suggested to enhance emg signal and control. users can also use the traditional two-electrode mode for control. ohand's total control solution allows users to control elbow, wrist and hand through software settings.
case details

the case of above-elbow amputation is far more complicated than the case of the forearm. after evaluated by professional doctors, if the user's situation is good to take a tmr surgery, it will be of great benefit to the adoption of ohand prosthetic hand. biologically, the nerves and muscles controlling fingers and wrists locate in the forearm of the human limb. with tmr surgery, nerves are transplanted to such positions as the upper arm, shoulder and chest muscles. when the user imagines certain hand movements, the emg signals can be collected at these positions and hence being used for the control of the prosthesis.


after receiving tmr surgery, the user with ohand installed can achieve a better result of the prosthesis:

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