forearm amputee-凯发k8一触即发

forearm amputee
ohand is a good choice for most forearm amputees. technician makes the socket for the user using the traditional prosthetic socket fabrication process, and then install the ohand and emg sensors. after, technicians set the parameters and grips of ohand based on user's requirement.
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for forearm amputees, the ohand install procedure is relatively simple. users can choose the traditional 2-emg electrode scheme, which is used in the traditional prosthetic fitting clinics, or the upgraded 8-electrode ai scheme for a better control experience. yet both ways, ohand allows users to select and control up to 18 different grips. 


as a science and technology product to help improve people's living, ohand is honored being picked by the "fashion and technology show" of science and education channel of cctv-10. the following video was from the tv show:

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