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gesture control in ar/vr

the ideal interaction method for an ar/vr scenario would be touch-less. in a virtual environment, the use of the mouse, keyboard or touch screen drags the user out of the immersive experience that ar/vr seeks.

so what are the next generation and promising interactions in ar/vr?  likely, it would be our hands, feet, eyes, voice, and even body. hand gesture as a touch-less interaction method is an important direction.


gforce emg armband, with the built-in emg sensor array monitoring the nerve signals from human's arm skin, and the unique ai running to analyze signals, creates a neural interface between human and machine. the recognized gesture intentions are transmitted to the ar/vr scene to achieve a touch-less control experience.  gforce is designed to build a natural control method, in line with the immersion sought by ar vr.


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