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what is an artificial limb?

"prosthesis" is an artificial prosthesis specially designed and fabricated to compensate for amputees or incomplete limb defects by means of engineering and technology. its main function is to replace the lost limb function, to help amputee get back certain life as take care of oneself and work ability. its applicable user are those amputees suffered from disease, traffic accident, work accident, sports injury.


ohand bionic prosthesis

ohand is an intelligent bionic nerve prosthesis developed by oymotion, which is a comprehensive solution from sensors to artificial intelligence to precision machinery design. through emg sensor array technology, non-invasive monitoring of residual limb epidermis is used to detect nerve signals from underneath muscles, and ai intelligent algorithm is used to learn and classify them, so as to identify the user's gesture intention, and then make corresponding motion thru the bionic hand.


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