gforcepro emg armband-凯发k8一触即发

gforcepro emg armband

low power:
● ultra-low power arm cortex m4 embedded
● bluetooth ble4.0
● power consumption below 0.1w
continuous gesture recognition:
● user-defined 16 gestures recognition trained with gforceapp
● 9-axis motion sensor fusion
● 8-channel medical-grade emg differential dry electrodes
● 9-axis motion sensor
● real-time emg raw data
● real-time imu raw data, quaternion or euler
software sdk/api:
● support windows 7,8,10 and up
● support android 4.0 and up
● support unity3d development
● support arduino mcu
message indicator:
● double-led indicators
● vibration feedback
● open source projects and environment friendly to researchers, downloadable from:
● quck start from
● gforceapp user guide download from
● gforcepro armband user guide download from
● 8-channel real-time raw emg data acquisition
● 8bit mode up to max 1khz sample rate
● 12bit mode up to 500hz sample rate
● support user algorithm development and emg application
● 3-axis acc sensor
● 3-axis gyro sensor
● 3-axis magnetic sensor
● support quaternion, euler and real-time access of imu raw data
● full-function support mobile gforceapp emg gesture training platform
● raw data access through gforcedongle on windows
● support max 16 user redefined gestures
● data connection with arduino or mcu through gforcejoint
● support gesture index, quaternion transmission
● windows platform unity3d development sdk/api
● open source unity3d development sample project examples






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