ohand smart prosthesis-凯发k8一触即发

ohand smart prosthesis

● vertical distance from middle fingertip to wrist: 179 mm
● vertical distance from thumb fingertip to wrist: 98 mm
● maximum width of palm: 83 mm
● wrist height: 20 mm
● wrist diameter: 53 mm
● wrist rotation range: /-175 degrees
● thumb maximum bilateral open and close range: 0~31 degrees
● thumb maximum opposite open and close range: 0~50 degrees
force and speed:
● fully open to close time: 0.8 seconds
● fully close to open time: 0.8 seconds
● maximum single finger-tip active force: 450g
● maximum pinch finger-tip active force: 900g
● maximum tripod finger-tip active force: 1350g
● maximum whole hand static load: 20kg
● maximum single finger static load: 5kg
● 500g /-10g
actuator and controller:
● five linear actuators embedded
● independent finger control
● control circuit fully embedded
● upto 18 user selectable grips
● settings configurable with user app
● usb
● ble4.1
● support 2-8 emg sensors
● support 500hz~1khz sampling rate
● 8-bpp sample resolution
● upto 18 user selectable grips
● support otrain emg gesture training platform
● raw data access with gforce-dongle
● usb or ble4.1 interface optional
● ai or traditional threshold optional
● three bilateral and opposite thumb positions

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