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a new brain-computer interface with a flexible backing

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engineering researchers have invented an advanced brain-computer interface with a flexible and moldable backing and penetrating microneedles. adding a flexible backing to this kind of brain-computer interface allows the device to more evenly conform to the brain's complex curved surface and to more uniformly distribute the microneedles that pierce the cortex. the microneedles, which are 10 times thinner than the human hair, protrude from the flexible backing, penetrate the surface of the brain tissue without piercing surface venules, and record signals from nearby nerve cells evenly across a wide area of the cortex.


this novel brain-computer interface has thus far been tested in rodents. the details were published online on february 25 in the journal advanced functional materials. this work is led by a team in the lab of electrical engineering professor shadi dayeh at the university of california san diego, together with researchers at boston university led by biomedical engineering professor anna devor.

this new brain-computer interface is on par with and outperforms the "utah array," which is the existing gold standard for brain-computer interfaces with penetrating microneedles. the utah array has been demonstrated to help stroke victims and people with spinal cord injury. people with implanted utah arrays are able to use their thoughts to control robotic limbs and other devices in order to restore some everyday activities such as moving objects.

the backing of the new brain-computer interface is flexible, conformable, and reconfigurable, while the utah array has a hard and inflexible backing. the flexibility and conformability of the backing of the novel microneedle-array favors closer contact between the brain and the electrodes, which allows for better and more uniform recording of the brain-activity signals. working with rodents as model species, the researchers have demonstrated stable broadband recordings producing robust signals for the duration of the implant which lasted 196 days.

in addition, the way the soft-backed brain-computer interfaces are manufactured allows for larger sensing surfaces, which means that a significantly larger area of the brain surface can be monitored simultaneously. in the advanced functional materials paper, the researchers demonstrate that a penetrating microneedle array with 1,024 microneedles successfully recorded signals triggered by precise stimuli from the brains of rats. this represents ten times more microneedles and ten times the area of brain coverage, compared to current technologies.

thinner and transparent backings

these soft-backed brain-computer interfaces are thinner and lighter than the traditional, glass backings of these kinds of brain-computer interfaces. the researchers note in their advanced functional materials paper that light, flexible backings may reduce irritation of the brain tissue that contacts the arrays of sensors.


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